About Greta Boann Perry

Greta Boann PerryMy paintings speak of the fundamental harmony, sacredness of life, ever changing and interconnected.  The great singing silence, peace, beauty and intelligence, vibrant aliveness, in and beyond all manifested form ~


When I paint, there is a feeling of deep inner stillness, alertness, and being present in the here and now  ~  I am aware of strong currents of life energy coming through me  ~  The colors and forms express this energetic world  ~  the eyes, all knowing wisdom; the leaves, plant shapes, the natural world ~




Growing up, I lived a simple life with my artist mother and family, running free and wild along the rugged cliffs and in the woods of Celtic Cornwall, England  ~  Elemental land of ancient sacred stone circles, I was very connected to the earth, the natural world  ~

Leaving home at 19, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and into the Pacific, experiencing intense storms, and living in different cultures, profoundly transformed my understanding of the world  ~

Returning to Cornwall in my 20’s, I became a respected and successful artist potter with my own gallery  ~

Coming back to the US, living on the Pacific Coast, and becoming a painter, I now exhibit my work in England and the United States  ~